April 19, 2024

Ballerina Princess Baby Shower for a Girl

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little girl with grace and elegance at a "Ballerina Princess" themed baby shower. This theme combines the delicate beauty of ballet with the regal charm of princesses, creating a whimsical, enchanting atmosphere that's perfect for welcoming a baby girl. Think soft pastels, tulle skirts, and a touch of sparkle to set the stage for a magical celebration.


Design invitations that twirl into your guests' hearts, adorned with images of ballet slippers, tutus, and tiaras. Use soft, flowing fonts and phrases like "Twirl on over to celebrate our little ballerina princess on the way" to capture the essence of the theme.


Transform your space into a ballerina's dream:

  • Tulle and tutus: Drape tables with tulle tablecloths and use tutus as chair decorations to mimic ballerina skirts.
  • Ballet slippers: Hang ballet slippers or use them as charming table decor. Consider a ballet slipper garland or centerpiece.
  • Pastel balloons and flowers: Create a backdrop of balloons in soft pinks, whites, and golds, complemented by pastel floral arrangements.
  • Sparkle and shine: Incorporate glitter and metallic accents through tableware, candles, and confetti to add a princess-like sparkle.

Color Scheme

Embrace a palette of pastel pinks, lavenders, and creams, accented with gold or silver for that regal, princess touch. This colour scheme will create a soft, dreamy atmosphere befitting a ballerina princess.

Food and Drinks

Serve elegant, dainty treats fit for a ballerina princess:

  • Petite fours and macarons: Offer an assortment of delicate, beautifully decorated pastries.
  • Tea sandwiches: Prepare an array of elegant finger sandwiches, perfect for a high tea.
  • Sparkling pink lemonade: Serve pink lemonade in flutes, garnished with a strawberry or a sprig of mint for a festive touch.
  • Ballet-themed cake: Opt for a cake decorated with fondant ballet slippers, a tutu, or a tiara to tie into the theme.


Entertain guests with activities that celebrate the joy of dance and princess magic:

  • DIY tutu station: Provide tulle, ribbons, and elastic for guests to make their own tutus as a fun, interactive party favor.
  • Ballet slipper decorating: Have plain white ballet slippers for guests to decorate with fabric paint, sequins, and ribbons.
  • Photo booth with props: Set up a photo booth with tutus, tiaras, and ballet-themed props for memorable snapshots.


Send your guests home with enchanting favors that capture the theme:

  • Miniature tiaras: A sweet, wearable memento of the day.
  • Personalized ballet slipper keychains: A charming keepsake that guests can carry with them.
  • Scented candles: Choose scents like lavender or rose, packaged in delicate boxes tied with a ballet slipper charm.

A "Ballerina Princess" baby shower is a beautiful, heartfelt way to honor the arrival of a baby girl. This theme offers a blend of elegance and whimsy, creating a celebration that's as magical as it is memorable. By incorporating elements of ballet and princess lore, you'll set the stage for an unforgettable event that celebrates the new life about to dance into the world.