Grow with Me Guarantee

Ever faced the hassle of your children outgrowing their favorite pyjamas? Little Navy has a solution for that!

Introducing the "Grow With Me Guarantee", our commitment to sustainability designed to extend the life of children's clothing. If your child has outgrown their pyjamas in two years or less, we will transform those pyjamas from full length into shorts and short sleeves. The Grow With Me Guarantee provides an eco-friendly solution that ensures Little Navy pyjamas fit comfortably for longer. Just return the outgrown pyjamas and our expert team will tailor them to your child's new size.

At Little Navy, we pride ourselves in outstanding craftsmanship and offering services that evolve with your family's needs. Come join us in our journey to make fashion sustainable. #slowfashion

Here's how to get started: 

  1. Check Eligibility: Verify that the outgrown pyjamas were purchased within the last twenty-four months and that they are in good condition for transformation.

  2. Fill out the "Grow With Me Guarantee" form. Details such as garment  washing, packaging and where and how to send your pyjamas will be emailed. See form here. 

  3. Prepare Your Pyjamas For Alteration: Wash and clean your pyjamas thoroughly before packaging them up for shipment. You will receive an email from us with a payment link to cover the cost of return shipping.

  4. Track progress: You can use Little Navy's order tracker to track the status of your pyjamas.

  5. Receive Transformed Pyjamas: Once shipping payment is received, we'll transform your pyjamas into shorts and short sleeves according to your specifications. After a few weeks, you'll receive your transformed pyjamas back, ready for your child to wear and enjoy!

Our goal is make this program hassle-free so we appreciate your patience during program piloting. 


Grow-with-Me Guarantee program disclaimers: 

  • Pyjamas sent for transformation must be clean and in good condition. Pyjamas that are soiled, unclean or damaged will not be eligible for alteration.
  • Customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping. Little Navy will send an invoice for the cost of return mail. Customer's will cover mailing to our facility.
  • Little Navy cannot be held liable for any lost or damaged packages during transit to our facility. Customers are encouraged to use tracked packaging methods when mailing pyjamas to reduce the risk of lost packages.
  • Our alteration services are only applicable to children's pyjamas during this pilot phase and is intended solely to accommodate outgrowth.
  • Alteration requests are limited to one "grow-with-me" request per pyjama per lifetime.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.