Back to School Essentials for Junior/Senior Kindergarten & lower level Grades
July 28, 2021

Back to School Essentials for Junior/Senior Kindergarten & lower level Grades

Can back to school shopping be any more daunting? Especially during a pandemic, the ever growing list seems overwhelming. 

As a mom of three with two school aged children, this is not my first rodeo.  I have gone through all the whoas and bumps and bruises of what to buy for a child's first year of school and for a child's first school year during a pandemic. 

When a good friend of mine reached out asking what she really needed for her girls going into Junior Kindergarten.  I knew she wasn't alone.  

I thought I would compile a list of supplies you will need to get your child ready for their first day of school (keeping in mind each school might ask for different requirements).


  1. Appropriately sized Back Pack or Day Pack.  Large enough to carry a lunch bag/box, change of clothes, pencil case and water bottle.
  2. Wet/Dry bag to store one pair of change of clothes to keep at school.
  3. Fanny pack.  This was a requirement for my daughter last year who was in JK and it was SO SMART!  She always had it on her to carry her masks and hand sanitizer.
  4. Lunch bag/box
  5. Pencil Case


  1. Markers or crayons.  I gave each of my children a pack of washable markers.
  2. Pencil, eraser, sharper, glue stick and a pair of child friendly scissors.
  3. Personal dry/erase board and markers.

*Don't worry, if your child needs anything more, your school should be communicating this with you.


  1. Face masks (our school requested at least two per day).  I typically sent 4 so they could change them out after recess.
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Change of clothes (including socks and underwear)
  4. Indoor shoes
  5. Headphones 
  6. Paper or notepad (depending on the age/grade)

One important thing is everything (EVERYTHING) must be labeled with your child's name so waterproof name labels are a MUST! You're going to put those labels on everything.  Keep those items out of the lost and found bin!


 Ok friends!  Hopefully this was helpful and makes your back to school shopping less overwhelming. Cheers - Jen