October 23, 2022

24 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Easy Elf Kit

Are you too busy and too tired to keep coming up with crazy elf antics? We have the busy parents’ solution!  The Easy Elf Kit is the only Elf on the Shelf kit you need. The kit comes with quality items that will make your holiday prep so much easier, which is available here!  Will fit all to most elves. Let's get started.

1. The Arrival

There are so many ways your elf comes to visit, and postage stamps make a cute & simple arrival.  

Elf Postage Stamps

2. Spa Day

It was a long journey from the North Pole and your little Santa's helper needs a day at the spa to relax with an adorable elf sized towel wrap and calming cucumber slice stickers. 

Elf Spa Day
3. Baking Elf Apron
We all know, Santa loves cookies!  Elves are very good little bakers and we have the cookie tester apron - which is perfect for our little elf.
Elf Apron
4. Let's get creative
Colouring made fun with colouring sheets for your little one and elf.  Colouring Pages Elf
5. Super Hero Elf Cape
Save the day with this super charged elf helper.
Super Hero Cape Elf
6. Starting the Nice List
A fun little reminder for your kiddos to be good by showing them your elf has started making the "Nice List"
Elf Nice List
7. OH NO! Elf Sling & X-ray
What a night the elf had! Must have fallen and hurt their arm.  Good thing we have the sweet little elf x-ray and sling. Feel better soon. 
8. Elf Moustache Stickers
The three Elf-eteers in disguise with little moustache stickers.
Elf moustache stickers
9. Itty Bitty Elf Blanket
Snuggle up with the softest minky blanket perfect for your elf.
Elf Blanket
10. Hello My Name Is sticker
Is your elf headed to a toy party? Hello my name is stickers are the best way to intro Santa's helper to all your other stuffed friends.
Hello My Name is Sticker for Elf
11. Elf Robber Mask & Bag
Is your elf getting into a little bit of trouble? Going through your piggy bank... maybe your elf is off to donate all the extra change to the local food bank. What is your elf going to get into?
Elf robber bag and mask
12. Naughty List
Are we behaving? Let's see who is on the naughty list for Santa this year...
Elf Naughty List
13. B-I-N-G-O elf game
Anyone up for a game of Bingo? You and your kiddies can have a game of Bingo with your little elf, up to three players.
Elf Bingo Cards
14. AAAAAACHOOOOO - Elf sick dot stickers
The elf is under the weather. Feel better soon!
Elf Sick Dot Stickers
The pyjama party is real cozy this year and best of all, you can get matching pjs hereElf Pyjamas




16. Elf Advent Calendar

Is Santa here yet? We are still counting down the day until he arrives with the littlest elf advent calendar.

Elf advent calendar


17. Elf Passport & Santa's Map

It's been a busy month getting ready for Santa and your little elf is looking for a vacation spot... where do you think they will go? Elf passport and map


17. Elf Beach Towel

Take me to the beach with the most adorable elf beach towel.... Is your elf a pool or beach bum?

Elf Beach Towel


18. Elf Stocking

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care... don't forget your elf's stocking. 

Elf Stocking
20.  Elf Sleeping Bag
Bags are all packed and we are ready for our sleep over. Elf Sleeping Bag
21. OUCH! Elf Bandage stickers
What a clumsy elf.  Good thing we have elf bandage stickers!
Elf Bandaid stickers
22. Elf Santa Sack
The perfect Santa sack for you elf... and you can stuff it full of goodies. Elf Santa Sack
23. Hot Chocolate Letter Board
Time to warm up with a nice big cup of coco (and lots and lots of marshmallows). 
Elf Hot Chocolate Letter Board
24. Time to say goodbye! 
Use any left over postage stickers for the goodbye package OR you can do a fun activity with your kids with the BONUS gingerbread sticker activity.  Turn the Easy Elf Kit package into a fun make a gingerbread house activity.
Elf Gingerbread House
WAIT! THE MONTH IS ALREADY OVER?  So easy.  So fun.  So simple.  No more stressing over what your little elf is going to do this holiday.  For more Elf ideas, antics and fun little videos make sure to follow (and tag us) over at @easyelfkit on Instagram.